all the things that we are but are not saying

all the things that we are but are not saying

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as if Sherlock slowly noticed there was a camera there


Sherlock took about 30 minutes in a furious fit of emotion after the first episode of series 3, whereas Moriarty took considerably longer after the last episode. Managed to shift a few of these at Dee-Con the other week.



You all seem to want the Johnlock kiss to happen in a three garridebs episode.  And yeah, that sounds good to me, too.  But, like.  I want it with the roles shifted.  Like, we’ve seen Sherlock go out of his mind with fear for John before and protect him with everything he has.  I mean, he faked his own death for him, and freaked out when he was stuffed in the bonfire, and killed Magnussen to protect him, and was actually incoherent when Moriarty kidnapped him.  But, we haven’t really seen that same level of protectiveness from John.  I mean, there was the potential when Sherlock was shot, but John was a bit distracted by the Mary situation, too, and totally unsure of what to do.  Sure, he’s pretty damn protective, but like, just imagine.

Sherlock in mortal danger, or wounded or something, and John just flipping shit.  Like, imagine Sherlock getting kidnapped, and when John finds him, he totally shoots the kidnappers, but doesn’t kill them, because that would be too easy.  And then he’s all over Sherlock, running his hands over him, making sure he’s okay, and Sherlock’s just staring at him, gaping at him, because he never truly realized how much John loves him because even after John said he was his best friend, there was still all that doubt there, because how could he love someone like me

And then John’s hands are grasping the sides of his face, almost too hard with worry.  And all Sherlock can do is whisper “John,” his voice all choked up.  Their lips brush together hesitantly, and John pulls back, and everything is written there in his face, how much he loves Sherlock, and how he always has, and how hard it was for him when Sherlock died, and he never really got over it, even now with Sherlock alive right in front of him.  And he knows if Sherlock died again, he wouldn’t make it through this time.

And Sherlock sees all of it, and he says, “John,” again, but this time it’s an apology and then continues, “That day…. I wasn’t going to say ‘Sherlock is a girl’s name.’”

And then they’re kissing, finally, really kissing, and it’s all desperation and fire and passion.

And I just 

Can you imagine.


I especially love this because, with the way s3 has played out, I don’t know that the “worth many wounds” bit 1) particularly fits with BBC John’s characterization 2) is necessary, because John has had “a glimpse of [that] great heart.” 

Even if we discount all the pains Sherlock went to in order to ensure John’s wedding was perfectly executed, even if we ignore the shocked look on John’s face as he watched the footage of Sherlock pulling him from a raging fire with his own hands, or Sherlock essentially throwing away his own career/freedom/life for the sake of John’s safety and happiness by shooting Magnussen, there was still the Best Man speech.

This version of John is very much aware of the “depth of loyalty and love” Sherlock Holmes possesses, Sherlock blurted it out proudly for all to hear at John’s wedding reception.

But do you know who isn’t aware of the depth of his trusted companion’s love and loyalty?  Sherlock.

I would lovelovelove a reversal of the pivotal Three Garridebs moment because Sherlock’s character arc has finally reached the point where he deserves that, he needs that, and Sherlock would never see it coming.

I hate these ships


and I’ll tell you why:

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